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September 2017


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On the cover: Heather Sands, a new Brighton High School teacher, receives “swag” from Chief Human Resources Officer Michael Clow on Aug. 3. Sands joins 145 other new teachers, many who walked the School District 27J Red Carpet as the district welcomed them. Local Color(R) photo by Allison Lockwood

Sepia Tones: The massive Foos model railroad collection has fans across the nation; and it is in our own backyard.
Big Picture: The big boom at Prairie Center includes restaurants, large retailers and the development’s first homes.
News: New Boys and Girls Club director on a mission to motivate. Fairfield Inn adds a top-drawer option for overnight stays. New Adams County/Brighton Agriculture District innovation specialist is ready to take on the challenge of farmland/development balance.
Our Neighbors: The Dahlman family are behind-the-scenes doers.
Made in Brighton: Sandie Mackenzie doesn’t get ruffled by the amount of time and detail her artistic pursuit requires.
Work study: Graphic artist Diane DeVries circles back to her passion for hands-on work.
Time Exposure: Farm festival will shine spotlight on renovated Bromley Koizuma-Hishinuma farm with fun, old-fashioned activities for all.
Time Exposure: Barr Lake State Park will celebrate the annual bird migration.

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