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Our final issue: October 2017


In the current issue of Local Color...

On the cover: Alex, Nora and Aaron Mitchell of Brighton were the first Harvest Festival visitors to navigate the Bromley Historic Farm corn maze, at the event preview Friday. Local Color(R) photo by Mark Humbert

Sepia Tones: Abraham Lincoln had it right: The Homestead Act, the Pacific Railway Act, and the Morrill Acts, (establishing agricultural colleges) continue to have in impact on American life today and in developing future leaders –through 4-H..
Big Picture: Local Color’s election profiles cover the mayoral and City Council races. Space requires that the School District Board profiles can be found at the link below.
Our Neighbors: Mayor Dick McLean is nearing the end of his term at City Hall, but he remains linked to another job not too far away … willingly: It’s the “chain gang” that works the sidelines at Brighton High School home football games.
Unexpected 'business district': East Bridge Street businesses might just be a metaphor for life in Brighton: old-fashioned hometown with an eye toward what’s coming next.
Screenings: Kingsman, the top-secret spy organization, is back on the screen and teamed with an American group, the Statesman, in an attempt to foil another sinister international plot..
Time Exposure: Platte Valley Players brings literary classic To Kill a Mockingbird to life in the Armory.
Time Exposure: Meander through Brighton’s past later this month during the annual Cemetery Walk.

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