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The massive Foos model railroad collection has fans across the nation; and it is in our own backyard. September 2017

In between the Bromley and the Koizuma-Hishinuma ownership of the historic farm on Bromley Lane, two more names were associated with the property: The Roberts family worked the fields and lived in the home owned by bus magnate I.B. James. August 2017

Henderson has a rich history that includes a Poor Farm. July 2017

There was at least one other school in early Brighton, but North Elementary seems to be the place where the growth started. June 2017

Some people, especially on the Eastern Plains, may question the fluidity of water as a resource, but the Platte River has been somewhat dependable for Brighton, though it hasn’t always been the perfect irrigation solution. May 2017

Dick Hodge looks back at the well-versed musical history of Brighton talent. April 2017

History writer Dick Hodge takes a verbal stroll down South Main Street of years past. March 2017

Despite being bullied during development of DIA, the people from Van-Aire proved that you can't keep a good neighborhood (with its own private airstrip) down. February 2017

A community's story always includes the ones who lived before, and many keys are held in local cemeteries. January 2017

A look back at the formation of the Brighton Fire District reflects on people who made a difference and places lost. December 2016

From Westminster to Burlington, there's a lot of history – from railroads to agriculture to military – preserved in museums and historic properties. November 2016

When Lee Montoya got involved in the community, remarkable, insightful, revoltionary things happened. Also: Brighton Properties Pop Quiz, answers and winners. October 2016

Brighton Properties Pop Quiz is your chance to prove you have total recall. September 2016

Second-oldest Boy Scout troop in state survives and thrives in Brighton. August 2016

In earlier days, Brighton was surrounded by varying smells of business success and disposal gone wild. July 2016

The Dent family covers a lot of territory in and around Brighton. June 2016

Nicknamed 'Space City,' old Lochbuie ushered in 'space age' for local real estate. May 2016

An old-school look at school districts. By Dick Hodge. April 2016

Brighton boomers still cruising. By Dick Hodge. March 2016

Downtown retains evidence of Brighton Downtown Development Authority. Dick Hodge joins the pages of Local Color® in the Sepia Tone column. February 2016

Carl and Laurene Dorr published Brighton's stories. January 2016

Kitayama family part of Brighton flower-power movement. December 2015

Crime victims retrieve comfort in Jake. November 2015

Kay Dreyer has a history with athletics, animals and art. October 2015

Dr. Alan Rice helped continue the first veterinary practice – Brighton Animal Clinic – established in Brighton. September 2015

'Fudge' Tashiro fed Brighton at Terrace Inn. August 2015.

St. Elizabeth's church at home on Third Avenue. July 2015

Local historian Albin Wagner tracked and recorded history. June 2015

Bob and Nancy Besaw have a strong bond with Brighton. May 2015

Jan Pawlowski brought 'A Game' to Varsity. April 2015

Teri Sanchez is part of the five generations of the Trujillo family who have lived in the house at 219 N. Eighth Ave. March 2015

Dixie Pierce is now part of Adams County History Museum lore. February 2015

Call it a buffalo or a bison, the furry bovine cousin roamed the Brighton area long before farming took root. January 2015

Jim Jaeger, of Jim's Shoe Repair, finds that the antiques in his store have stayed in step with his craft. December 2014

Rowdy Readers speak of volumes. November 2014

Brighton High School Class of 1949 continues annual reunions. October 2014

Brighton's history includes community and personal encounters with the Ku Klux Klan. September 2014

Ellen's Pastry Shop the stuff memories are made of. August 2014.

The American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars have long histories of community service in Brighton, but they recently lost their home. July 2014

Brighton Buddhist Church was a positive force in community during its time in the city. June 2014

Time goes by, but Jordinelli name endures. May 2014

The Okubo brothers tend the alleys - and everything else - at their Lucky Lanes. April 2014

Future promising for Pleasant Plains School. March 2014

Vivian and Russel Hause share 64 Valentine's Days. February 2014

Jack Lockett makes his 100 years count. January 2014

Hagus family visits homestead site. December 2013

Portrait of a family ~ Bill and Lydia Nagel and their daughters. November 2013

Ironing became a jewel of a chore. October 2013

Grandson shares William Hiller's history. September 2013

Love bloomed for Rose Case Unrein after prom. August 2013

Harvey Lovato keeps track of family tree. July 2013

Sheep herds no longer around city. Former Hall of Justice was site of many iterations. June 2013

Emi Chikuma: Woman for all seasons. May 2013

Aichelman's dream changed to Pleasant Plains. April 2013

The Euterpean Society members still following their muse. March 2013

Music plays into Matador's style. February 2013

1926 magazine article in The Trail tells the 'story' of a Brighton 'mayor's job in 1980,' written by Brightonian Fred Watts. January 2013

Teacher Bob Ellis spared the paddle, taught the child. December 2012

Happy 100th, Ada D. Dunham. November 2012

Dick and Joella Riddell answered Brighton's call. October 2012

Giving tradition began with Dr. Walter and Margaret Peer. September 2012

This Peer group - Wayne and Barbara - has served Brighton. August 2012

Remember the house where you grew up? July 2012

Fourth Avenue house has interesting past. June 2012

Alter's rainbow led him to Brighton and Ben Franklin's. May 2012

125 years later: A city celebrates. April 2012

Early Brantner School days remembered. March 2012

Baumgartners still truckin' after 50 years. February 2012

Rattlesnake Kate earned her nickname. January 2012

'Rusty' Hartley recalls Armory days. December 2011

Immigrant Frank Aichelman found prospects good here. November 2011

Maude Butler made history ... books. October 2011

Historic Fort Lupton has been reborn. September 2011

The Masons are cornerstones of a community. August 2011

A shot in the dark killed deputy; now remembered at new police memorial. July 2011

Talkin' bout three generations: Family interviews found in the Brighton and Surrounding Areas history book prompts Pat Reither to interview three generations, both male and female, about daily life as they recall it. June 2011

Capitol glass reflects well on Brighton: Naoichi Hokazono, of Brighton, is depicted in a stained-glass window at the Capitol. May 2011

History flows through Fulton Ditch. April 2011

Two chiefs, Niwot and Friday, influence settlement. March 2011

Happiness was fun-filled 47-year ride for Reithers.
February 2011

Brighton's roots were in farming. January 2011

Green Valley Grange was heart of community. December 2010

Sky's no limit for female pilot Cindy Bellmar. November 2010

Baseball was king for 'Duke.' October 2010

Schwabs found sweet life here. September 2010

Sanctuary is a church again. August 2010

First Fourth of July in Brighton celebrated in 1820. July 2010

Kar-Vu Drive-In: Back then, they came in droves. June 2010

Deputies shed light on bandits. May 2010

Mayberry was the law: County sheriff laid groundwork for modern force. April 2010

In past, Mom and Pop ran food shop. March 2010

Kirkmeyers a dream team 53 years. February 2010

Senior Center site has served community well. January 2010

Brighton camp was branch POW site. December 2009

'Silver building' on North Main had an uncanny past. November 2009

The Armory: Dedicated to stand the test of time. October 2009

Education history lives at Heritage Academy. September 2009

Brighton Feed and Saddlery: Store still feeds off its colorful past. August 2009

Historian and author Albin Wagner's own history is Brighton. July 2009

Eachus family has tankful of memories. June 2009

George Oliphant's career took wing during war. May 2009

What's cooking for VFW leader Jim McCoy. April 2009

Ruth Wright's girls knew the drill. March 2009

Cases celebrate 56th Valentine's Day together. February 2009

George Williams, the man who lived in the Armory. January 2009

Holiday decorations: Tapias' light the way. December 2008

Ray Benedict was a community leader. November 2008

Opera House (the Wire Building) generated memories. October 2008

Early public education: School bells first rang in 1885. September 2008

Inez Gamble a welcome friend. August 2008

A civilian prisoner of war: Mary Shibao trapped in Japan as teen. July 2008

Tanabes revisit a dark era: Convention recalls costs of wartime. June 2008

Lifestyle: Past washdays had their hang-ups. May 2008

Downtown excavation: Crews unearth ruins of the Rex. April 2008

The Tepe Farm and Family: Evelyn Tepe builds from Brighton roots. March 2008

Two couples: Longtime valentines enjoy each other. February 2008

177 Bridge St.: Hunter Hardware was a longtime fixture. January 2008

Early Libraries: Books poured into first library. December 2007

Baseball was a hit in city's past. November 2007

Great Western Sugar Co. brought sweet times to Brighton. October 2007

Letter circa 1912: Floor speaks to city's past. September 2007

Trappers and traders: Mountain men relied on area forts. August 2007

Family pioneered the farm stand: Makeshift market gave Hose family its fresh start. July 2007

Troesters found small-town dream: Osteopathic doc set up practice before Brighton hospital. June 2007

Blocks chock full of history: Home-grown Hydrastone helped build Brighton. May 2007

Rowdy earned his building tour: Leffingwell's horse knew his way around downtown. April 2007

What's a little snow, anyway?: '06 storm didn't compare to 1913, 1973 or 1982. March 2007

Church has resurrection: Presbyterians built city's first house of worship. February 2007

Mayor and madam? Hardly. Newspaper work tied J.N. Counter to odd controversy. January 2007

Cy Cress gives from city's past: Memorabilia helps tell city's social story. December 2006

Depot follows tracks to past: Railway station once favorite spot for area cowboys. November 2006

All travel was once done by coach class: Hughes stage line set up station south of town. October 2006

Pictures paint Brighton's past: History hangs on 100-year-old City Hall's walls. September 2006

Fair days from our past: Tomato battles, patriotic speeches evolved with county. August 2006

Poor farm part of rich history: Fairgrounds once fed Denver's neediest folk. July 2006

Armory holds a cache of memories: After design, local building a unique gathering place. June 2006

Pioneers on the Platte: Gold lured Riethmann family to Colorado. May 2006

Barr history: From buffalo wallow, to sewage-disposal site to heron habitat, Barr Lake has a colorful past. April 2006

Funny thing about first county sheriff: Pat Reither recounts stories of Adams' first county sheriff; his humor landed him in his own jail. March 2006

City Hall courts century celebration: Pat Reither documents the transition from Courthouse to City Hall. The building will turn 100 this year. February 2006

City Hall courts century celebration: Pat Reither tells the history of the Adams County Courthouse in Brighton. One former courthouse building, circa 1906, is now home to City Hall and will turn 100 this year. January 2006

Two recalled day of horror: Recollections of two Pearl Harbor survivors who made Brighton their homes. December 2005

Westlake survived POW ordeal: Al Westlake was not only a veteran of World War II, he also had been a prisoner of war in Germany. Pat Reither writes about two Pearl Harbor survivors who made Brighton their homes. November 2005

Taking the heat since 1890: Homes and businesses grew around the railroad depot in the 1880s. Fire protection became a concern for these early pioneers. October 2005

Eyerly was the wheel deal: Brighton got its first roller-skating rink in August 1958; thanks to Howard Eyerly. September 2005

Heroes' names set in stone: Brighton has always been fortunate to have many people who were willing to volunteer their time and put forth effort to make Brighton a better place to live. A trail from Southern Street to Bromley Lane serves as a 'thank you.' August 2005

Strong ties to old mystery: Old-timers in Brighton probably are aware of the Strong family. The mystery of Dewey and Nancy Strong has been intriguing: Why did biographers ignore one child? July 2005

Carmichael built this city: Emmet Bromley may have been the father of Adams County, but Daniel F. Carmichael was the father of Brighton. June 2005

Last men toast camaraderie: The Last Man's Club of Phillip Wade Post 46 of the American Legion came into existence April 6, 1934. The organization consisted of World War I veterans and appears to be the oldest such club in the state. May 2005

Bromley name lives on: An 1899 Willits farm map shows Martin Bromley owning land just west of where Sakata Farms are located today. April 2005

Our memory lane: Have you ever wondered why it is called Bromley Lane? In the late 1800s, county founder Emmet Bromley built his house on what was open range at the end of a long lane. March 2005

Mitchells love life: The 50th wedding anniversary invitation for a local couple read "step back in time to 1954." Poodle skirts, saddle shoes and soda fountains were the order of the day at the party for Buddy and Mary Jane Mitchell. February 2005

A hospital is born: Dr. Frank Mathew Cline moved to Brighton on advice from Dr. Bright. He delivered thousands of babies and performed many surgeries but realized Brighton needed a hospital. The first one was built at 643 S. 2nd Ave. January 2005

Magic time in city: John and Emi Chikuma travel the world collecting ornaments that brighten our city's Christmas every year. Teri Sanchez recalls her family traditions, too. December 2004

The Kuner legacy: A Bavarian watchmaker bought his brother's pickling business in 1885 and ultimately converted it to a canning business. In 1907, Max Kuner added a factory next to the Platte River in Brighton. November 2004

Time marches on: When Brighton was small, any excuse could be a reason to have a parade. October 2004

Really old-school: The very first school for Brighton's pioneer children was a log cabin like Abraham Lincoln attended. It was built in 1866 and was called Independence. September 2004

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Brighton Fire Department dressed for a parade circa 1950s
Brighton Fire Department dressed for a parade circa 1950s